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Echo Park

The view from my Echo Park apartment balcony.

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And the does graze on the edges…

Hello, my new friend. Welcome to my photo blog. My name’s Nick Martinez, and I am a freelance photographer (and web designer, too!) based in Los Angeles’ historic Echo Park neighborhood.

As is often the case with freelance creatives, I sometimes feel bogged down by the banality of marketing and advertising myself. The thought of schmoozing for business makes me cringe and want to just go take a pretty picture. However, it must be done. Now, enter my blog. It is a clear meadow for me in this world, a place where I can post the images that move me, make me happy, content, sad, mad or tickled pink. Here, I can just post what I want. I hope you like it.

Chicago Fountain

Of all the snapshots I’ve ever taken, this is my favorite. I took it in Chicago.

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